UAW Local 245 Presidetn Kim Moore

Welcome to the UAW! On behalf of the Local 245 Executive Board, all leadership, our Retiree's and Active Members, I offer you a warm UAW Local 245 welcome! We are so pleased to have you as a member of this great Local. It is important to remember that the union is only as strong as its members make it. Most importantly, know your union membership give you a voice in workplace issues and certainly how your union is run. Membership sets the course for this local union by your attendance and input at Unit meetings and General Membership Meetings. We are governed by a UAW Constitution and each local has membership approved by-laws to aid us in effectively operating the locals and serving our memberships.

You are now part of a larger movement that has fought for years to improve the working conditions and living conditions for all Americans whether union or not. Our Retiree's are held in high regard for the battles they waged to provide a good standard of living for all Americans. It is our mission as current union members to preserve this way of living for the next generation and we ask our newest members to get involved and help us keep this structure alive and vibrant! Once again a sincere welcome to Local 245, and feel free to contact any representative for assistance!


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